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If you’re eligible for TRICARE, you have an outstanding choice for your TRICARE benefits here in southern New England: US Family Health Plan. We have a huge provider network of local civilian doctors and hospitals. We cover the full TRICARE Prime benefit plus some nice extras. Year after year, we’re among the most highly rated health plans, military or otherwise, in the country. And there isn’t a more affordable TRICARE plan out there. But the important question is this: Are we the best fit for you?

Active Duty Families

We have lots of local civilian doctors to choose from, there’s no paperwork and no copays for medical services except for prescriptions.


Military Retirees Under Age 65

Great benefits, a low annual enrollment fee and small flat copayments (not a percentage of charges) make this a very attractive choice for military retirees and their families.


Compare TRICARE Plans

Find out about all of your TRICARE choices before deciding which plan is the best fit for you and your family.


Benefits Overview

See a detailed summary of your coverage and costs under US Family Health Plan.


Our Provider Network

US Family Health Plan members choose a primary care provider from over 1,000 local civilian doctors in our provider network.


Attend a Q&A

Check our calendar for informal briefing sessions—drop in, ask questions, and get answers about your TRICARE options.



How does the Point of Service option work? What do you need to know about Medicare? See answers to frequently asked questions.


Eligibility and Enrollment

If you’re eligible for TRICARE, and live in our service area, you can enroll in US Family Health Plan. Get the details.


How do you sign up?

When you’re ready to enroll, start here.

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