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US Family Health Plan covers the full TRICARE Prime benefit—for doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency care and prescriptions—plus extras and discounts we provide exclusively for our members.

Annual physicals are covered, so you can see your doctor regularly. And having a primary care physician who gets to know you, takes care of you, and coordinates your care with specialists and hospitals is what good health care is all about. When you’re sick, you don’t have to deal with navigating the health care system on your own.

The prescription drug benefit is fantastic, with low flat copayments and a terrific money-saving Home Delivery pharmacy service that delivers 90 days of medication for the same price or less than you’d pay for a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy. In fact, generics are free!

But what’s really special about US Family Health Plan is how easy it is to get good health care. It’s easy to get appointments. There’s no jumping through hoops to get referrals. No exclusions for pre-existing conditions. And once you enroll, there’s no paperwork—no claims to deal with, no surprise bills, no confusing EOBs popping up in your mailbox—and no worries about catastrophic medical expenses.

US Family Health Plan is free for active-duty families and individuals with Medicare Part B, except for prescription copays. For everyone else, the costs are very low, with no deductibles to meet before your coverage kicks in.

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