Good health care doesn’t have to be expensive

Birthday CelebrationIf you’re eligible for TRICARE benefits and looking for a health plan that offers a great choice of doctors and comprehensive coverage at a very low cost, it’s hard to beat US Family Health Plan.

Easy on the wallet.

There’s a modest annual enrollment fee ($282.60/individual, $565.20/family). There are no deductibles to meet before coverage begins. You have small flat copayments for medical services and prescriptions instead of a percentage of charges. This means lower, more predictable costs for healthcare.

Great benefits.

We provide the TRICARE Prime benefit for doctor visits (including routine physicals and eye exams), hospitalization, emergency care, and terrific prescription drug benefits. We also provide some nice extras at no extra cost to our members, including chiropractic adjustments and discounts on eyewear and fitness clubs.

No paperwork.

No claims, no surprise bills, no worries.

Join anytime.

Enrollment is always open and we’re happy to help you with that.
See details for Retirees Under Age 65: Benefits and Cost

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