Discount of 25 percent off a participating provider's usual and customary charges.

Chiropractic Care

Up to 12 spinal manipulation visits by a network chiropractor in a Plan Year  (January 1 - December 31). For members over age 12. No referral required. Copayment of $37 per visit for retirees and their family members without Medicare Part B. 

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and corrective vision discounts. 

A discount of 35 percent off the cost of frames, lenses, and sunglasses when you see an EyeMed network provider. EyeMed also offers 5 to 15 percent off the cost of LASIK and PRK laser vision correction. Go to for more information.

Hearing Aid Discount

Although hearing aids and hearing services are not covered by TRICARE, US Family Health Plan members may receive a 20 percent discount on hearing aids and some hearing services with participating providers.

Massage Therapy

A discount of 25 percent off a participating provider's usual and customary charges or pay $15 per 15 minutes of massage therapy, whichever is less.

Meditation 101

Free 10-part audio series on meditation practices. Go to and enter access code "thp".

Nutritional Counseling

A discount of 25 percent off visits. (This discount is in addition to the medically necessary nutritional counseling visits covered by US Family Health Plan.)