The US Family Health Plan Network

Our members choose from a network of over 2,000 civilian primary care providers and thousands of specialists, all in southern New England — home to much of the world's finest medical care. Our network of high-quality hospitals includes Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Using the Find a Doctor Tool

To find a Primary Care Provider (PCP) in the US Family  Health Plan network,

Click on Find a Doctor in the menu at the right (a new tab or window will open).

Enter your location (either a Zip code or the city/town in which you want to search).

Choose one of the options on the dashboard in the center of the search site or the “Primary Care Physician” shortcut just below the dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can use:

  • Doctors by name – if you know the provider’s name and want to see if he or she is in our network. Don’t assume that all providers in your results are PCPs; some providers may be in our network as specialists only. PCPs are tagged in the search results by the “Primary Care Provider” label next to a stethoscope icon under the provider’s contact information.
  • Doctors by specialty – Click here if you don’t have a provider  in mind. Type “primary care” in the box to generate a list of network providers within the specified area.

Or you can click on the Primary Care Physician shortcut just below the dashboard to generate a list of network PCPs within the specified area.

You can also narrow your search using the menu at the far left by geographic area (the default search is 25 miles but you can change this), whether the PCP is accepting new patients (current only if the PCP has updated us), languages spoken, gender, specialty (you can filter out Internal Medicine, Pediatricians, and Family Medicine providers.

Call the PCP’s office to confirm whether they’re accepting new patients.

NOTE: Once you’re a member, you can change your PCP any time by calling Member Services at 1.800.818.8589.