We prefer that you receive urgent care at these clinics:

 You always need a referral from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for care at an urgent-care clinic, even if you're out of the area.


Please call your PCP for a referral before you go to the urgent-care clinic. Ask for the referral only if your PCP can’t see you that day.

If you receive urgent care on a weekday without getting a referral first, the care will be subject to point-of-service charges, which can be expensive.

Weekends, holidays, and when your PCP’s office is closed

Call your PCP for a referral on the next business day after you visit the urgent-care clinic. For example, if you’re seen on a Saturday, call your PCP on Monday for a referral.

Follow-up care

Your follow-up care must be provided by your PCP, not by the urgent-care clinic. Always call your PCP after you have received the urgent care and talk with them about any follow-up care you might need.