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The Uniformed Services Family Health Plan is a Department of Defense-designated provider of TRICARE Prime—a coordinated care plan with comprehensive benefits—which covers doctors and specialists visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and medical emergencies anywhere. Medical care is provided by a large local network of civilian doctors and hospitals.

US Family Health Plan exists for one reason: to ensure high quality health care and service to our members. Year after year, we rank among the most highly rated health plans in the nation, military or otherwise, for quality of care, doctors and specialists, and overall satisfaction.


We’re a TRICARE Prime Plan, but separate from the national TRICARE system. Here’s the story of how that came to be.


Key events in the history of US Family Health Plan, from a local Uniformed Services Treatment Facility to a highly rated health plan.

Management Team

Meet the leaders of our local not-for-profit organization.


Announcements, press coverage, updates.

National Service Areas

A map of US Family Health Plan service areas and link to the national organization.

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