TRICARE Young Adult

When you turn 21 (or 23 if you’re a full-time student), your regular TRICARE coverage ends. Fortunately, you can obtain TRICARE Prime coverage through US Family Health Plan until you turn 26.


You are eligible for US Family Health Plan through the TYA Prime program if you meet all of these requirements. You must be:

  • A dependent of an eligible uniformed service sponsor. (Sponsors are eligible if they are enrolled in DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.)
  • Enrolled in DEERS yourself.
  • Not married.
  • At least age 21 but not yet 26. *
  • Not eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan based on your own employment.
  • Not eligible for any other TRICARE program coverage.
  • Live in the area covered by US Family Health Plan (all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, parts of southern New Hampshire and northern Connecticut).


The US Family Health Plan TYA Prime program covers doctor visits (including annual physicals and visits to specialists), prescription drug benefits, hospitalizations, and emergency care. You choose from doctors and hospitals within our network. For emergencies, you may go to hospitals outside of the network.

What you pay

The monthly premium for the 2017 calendar year is $319. You don’t pay a deductible. You’ll make the same copayments your sponsor would have made, if any.

Ready to Enroll?

Complete the TRICARE Young Adult Enrollment Application and mail to:

US Family Health Plan
Attn: Enrollment
PO Box 9195
Watertown, MA 02471-9900

* If you’re enrolled in a full course of study at an approved institution of higher learning, you must meet two additional requirements: 1) Your military sponsor must provide at least 50 percent of your financial support, and 2) You are no longer eligible for regular TRICARE because you are 23 or older.

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