Who Is Eligible?

US Family Health Plan of Southern New England is a TRICARE Prime option available to:

  • Dependent family members of active-duty service members (including dependents of activated Guard and Reserve Component members activated for more than 30 days).
  • Military retirees from the active component and their dependent family members.
  • Military retirees from the reserve component upon reaching age 60 and their dependent family members.
  • Family members survivors of a deceased active-duty military member or military retiree.
  • Former spouses of military sponsors who meet TRICARE eligibility rules.

Unmarried children up to age 26 may also be eligible under the TRICARE Young Adult program.


You must also:

  • Be eligible for military health care benefits in DEERS.
  • Live in the ZIP Code-defined area that we serve. The area includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut and southern New Hampshire.

Active-duty service members are not eligible.

Although family members of active-duty service members are eligible, active-duty service members themselves are not. Active-duty service members receive their health care from military hospitals or clinics.

Age 65

Members who enrolled before October 1, 2012 are eligible to stay on the plan for life. Members who enrolled on or after October 1, 2012 must leave the plan at age 65. Provided that they have Medicare Part B, these members are transferred to TRICARE for Life, which is Medicare wraparound coverage.


Check our eligibility form on our Homepage or contact a representative for additional information.