Home Delivery Pharmacy

Members are required to obtain most maintenance medications through our Home Delivery program. Home Delivery saves members money. They can receive up to a 90-day supply of maintenance medication for considerably less than they would pay for a 30-day supply at a local pharmacy. 

When it's appropriate, we ask that you write all prescriptions for maintenance therapy for a 90-day supply. You can submit  prescriptions to our Home Delivery service one of these four ways:

  • Electronically. This is the fastest and most convenient way. Submit a member’s prescription electronically to the Brighton Marine Health Center at 77 Warren Street, Brighton, MA 02135.
  • Fax. Send the member’s prescription by fax to our pharmacy at 617.562.5296.
  • Phone. Call the member’s prescription in to our pharmacy at 877.880.7007.
  • Mail. Paper prescriptions may also be mailed to the Brighton Marine pharmacy.

Urgent and one-time prescriptions

US Family Health Plan members may pick up urgent and one-time medications at a retail pharmacy. Please submit these prescriptions to the retail pharmacy in your usual way.


Members obtain refills of maintenance medications online or by phone at 877.880.7007. Refills are not automatic. Members may call our pharmacy at 877.880.7007 if they run out of refills.  We will send an electronic request or a  fax request to the provider in order to obtain a new prescription.  Please make sure that your office's contact information is up to date on all prescriptions transmitted to our pharmacy.


  • Oral contraceptives. Because of certain restrictions, we are not allowed to dispense oral contraceptives. Members should obtain these prescriptions at their local pharmacy.
  • US Family Health Plan as secondary insurer. If a member has another insurance plan where US Family Health Plan is the secondary insurance, we do not accept those plans at our pharmacy.