Behavioral-health and substance-abuse self-referrals

You may self-refer to an authorized US Family Health Plan network behavioral-health or substance-abuse provider for the first eight outpatient visits in a Plan Year (January 1 through December 31). 

Although a referral from your PCP is not required, you must call 1.800.818.8589 to obtain a current list of authorized network providers before accessing services. This is to make sure that claims will be paid. When you call, please identify yourself as a US Family Health Plan member.

Overview of Services

Members can access an array of behavioral health services and programs. Please view or download our booklet called Connecting You to Whole-Person Care.

Massachusetts Community Behavioral Health Centers 

The Plan also covers behavioral health crisis services provided by Massachusetts Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs). CBHCs are one-stop shops for a wide range of behavioral health and substance use services and treatment. The statewide network includes 25 centers across Massachusetts offering immediate, confidential care around the clock. No referral is required, but a copayment may be required. For more information, call/text 833.773.2445 or use the web chat at